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Converso® suite for remote interpreting: Converso.live with RSI, Converso® app, TerpCast app (digital bidule or BYOD). Owncast.live, the customizable and white-label multilingual streaming platform. A cutting-edge remote production studio in the first and most-equipped interpreting hub in Italy.

Converso® Live

The Italian Simultaneous Interpreting Delivery Platform (SIDP)

Converso® Live

Integrated video conferencing and interpreting platform

Give your multilingual audience the chance of listening to their own languages.

Interpreters work from virtual booths and consoles behind the scenes. We kept as much of the old on-site settings as we possibly could, to give the interpreters the comfort they need to perform at their best.

Converso® Live is a professional platform providing all the key solutions in a simple online environment. You can activate almost all the functions with one click.

We never compromise on privacy and security thanks to our IT team. For example, you can enter the meeting only through a direct and personal invitation link.

Interpreters work from a virtual console with buttons and sliders rather than menus and submenus. We have come up with a smooth handover feature between booth mates; a parallel, closed-circuit system allows the interpreters to see and talk to each other, as well as share a notepad and a timer. The streamlined handover system is carried out manually without any complicated steps.

On-demand interpreting for third-party services

Add simultaneous interpreting to any kind of online events: webinar, e-learning, virtual show, and streaming, and reach a broader multilingual audience.

Or integrate remote interpreters into your control room supporting foreign speakers or moderating multilingual panels.

Converso® Live replaces booths, consoles and any other hardware in any location or in your studio.

Converso® Live runs in the background or alongside the main event without affecting the event organization or the audience experience.

Converso® Live

Converso® app

Simultaneous translations and audio streaming on smartphones, on cloud and offline. It works with any kind of connection, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, or with local Wi-Fi.

Converso® app

It can be customized and integrated with your event app

The app is open and easy to use. It can be customized with your logo and your corporate colours. Both cloud and local broadcasting available, with or without internet connection, or hybrid. You can listen to simultaneous translation both on your browser or on your phone via phone call. 

From BYOD to the most flexible digital bidule 

You can use our app for on-site events or in parallel with a third-party video conferencing or webinar platform. It is very easy to use: you enter the token, you choose your language among the languages available and you set the volume. Thanks to its versatility, it is simple and cost-effective.

Converso® app

TerpCast app for interpreters

Seeing opportunities where others see obstacles. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, we developed TerpCast, keeping the interpreters going and adapting faster to the new times by giving them the tools to perform at their best and transition from in-presence conference interpreting to RSI. It was an emergency solution for interpreters, so we chose the camouflage wallpaper.

TerpCast app for interpreters

TerpCast and TerpTool

With the Converso® TerpCast app, a smartphone/tablet and a microphone, you can broadcast directly to the audience connected from the app or to a technician connected remotely, wherever you are and in any circumstance. TerpTools is a web app with booth-mate functions and a streamlined handover system.



It has a video chat to maintain eye contact with your booth mate, a shared digital notepad where you can type, write, and sketch, and also a shared timer. It can be used with TerpCast or on its own to provide simultaneous translation on any non-professional, integrated platform.


TerpCast app for interpreters


White-label webinar and webcast portal with integrated multilingual player.


    A safe and professional platform

    OwnCast is a white-label multilingual portal, fully customizable to your event and brand. Customization concerns each part of the event management and broadcasting process and every single aspect of the platform, from the subdomain to the graphic theme.

    Your multilingual webinar

    Plan your webinar with OwnCast. The video player is customizable and managed entirely by our control room taking care of the event management behind the scenes.