What we do

Do you want to make your multilingual online event stand out? VERSO® provides audio, video, remote production, interpreting, streaming, dubbing and subtitle services.
We are innovators with deep roots in the analog world. This allows us to apply our strengths in A/V hardware knowledge in digital technology. We use technology wisely: not only do we choose the best one on the market, but we also choose the one that best suits our clients’ needs. We are the masters of white-label technology. We always move from one known idea to new ideas right away using an innovative and creative approach, providing better solutions.

RSI hub

In 2019, we opened our first RSI hub, long before the pandemic. At present, our hub can accommodate up to 28 interpreters. Each booth is equipped with professional interpretation equipment (ISO 20109:2016): ISO compliant interpreter console, 27” full-HD display (single monitor in single-desk booths and double monitor in double-desk booths), professional gooseneck microphone or professional headset microphone, professional headphone.

Remote production

Our A/V control rooms are equipped with workstations with double monitors, audio mixers and audio recorders. Our control rooms handle connections providing a high-quality experience for all the players involved, close to the standards of on-site events.

Multilingual streaming

Our control rooms can handle streaming on social media or other websites in one or more languages. Learn more about Owncast.live for full bespoke streaming events.

Remote interpreting

Give your multilingual audience the chance of listening to their own language. Interpreters work from virtual booths and consoles behind the scenes, recreating real working conditions.

Online events

We organize online events for you and together with you, creating tailor-made solutions to make the event exactly the way you want it, for a quality experience.

Language services

JustScript is our clean verbatim transcription service for multilingual business meetings, conference calls and so much more, with 1-hour and 24-hour-delivery. Our transcriptionists work remotely from their browsers on our ergonomic platform, JustScript, designed specifically for fast delivery. In addition, we also provide subtitling services (audio transcription, subtitle translation, subtitle adaptation and sync).

Converso® Education

In 2019 we’ve developed Converso® Education the tailor-made platform for the didactics of simultaneous interpreting. Converso® Education has been improved hand-in-hand with interpreting teachers and professional interpreters to better understand the needs of interpreting universties that overnight had to reinvent their teaching methods.