RSI hub in Milan

In March 2019, we opened our first Converso® RSI Hub in Milan, with 8 booths and a conference room designed for group meetings of up to 6 people. Today, our hub can accommodate up to 28 interpreters and 5 remote events simultaneously. Includes classified area with separate entrance for private events.

Excellent central location

Our RSI hub has an excellent central location in Milan, in a lively district (Tortona/Savona/Solari) full of restaurants, bars, bakeries and other activities. A few meters away from the Underground line M2 that is directly connected to the main railway station Milano Centrale in less than 20 minutes. In front of the future stop of the Underground line M4, a direct connection to the Milanese fashion district and the Linate Airport. 20 minutes away from Duomo di Milano (6 tram stops).

Technical Assistance

The RSI hub is always manned by a dedicated receptionist and at least:

  • One sound engineer
  • One video technician
  • One IT expert.

Upon request: a producer/maker, streaming operator, assistant producer, and others.

Interpreter booths

1 interpreter/booth with adequate social distancing during the working day (anti-Covid measures).

In-booth facilities:

  • Dedicated ceiling-light controlled by the interpreter
  • Dedicated table lamp
  • Double AC outlet to charge interpreter owned device
  • Double USB powering outlet to charge smartphones/tablets
  • High-speed fixed internet connection (RJ45 port) for the laptop
  • High-speed Wi-Fi available

Technical equipment

Each booth is equipped with professional interpretation equipment (ISO 20109:2016): ISO compliant interpreter console, 27” full-HD display (single monitor in single-desk booths and double monitor in double-desk booths), professional gooseneck microphone or professional headset microphone, professional headphone.

Every device is connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that guarantees at least a 45-minute runtime in case of a power outage and protects every device from power surges. The UPS can also handle UPS failures via an automatic internal power bypass.

Back-up strategy

Latest generation and redundant technologies according to careful backup strategies. UPS, multiple and bonded connectivities, dual hardware, A/V recording protocol.