RSI hub in Milan

In March 2019, we opened our first Converso® RSI Hub in Milan, with 8 booths and a conference room designed for group meetings of up to 6 people. Today, our hub can accommodate up to 28 interpreters and 5 events simultaneously. Includes classified area with separate entrance for private events.

Una posizione strategica

In centro a Milano, nel pieno del distretto degli eventi di Tortona/Savona/Solari.
In un quartiere con la più ricca densità e varietà di ristoranti, bar, pasticcerie e altre attività ricreative.
A pochi metri da 2 stazioni Metro M2 che collegano direttamente alla Stazione Centrale in meno di 20 minuti. Di fronte alla futura Metro M4, con collegamento diretto al Quadrilatero della Moda e all’aeroporto di Linate.
A 6 fermate di Tram dal Duomo.

Technical Assistance

The RSI hub is always manned by a dedicated receptionist and at least:

  • One sound engineer
  • One video technician
  • One IT expert.

Upon request: a producer/maker, streaming operator, assistant producer, and others.

Interpreter booths

1 interpreter/booth with adequate social distancing during the working day (anti-Covid measures).

In-booth facilities:

  • Dedicated ceiling-light controlled by the interpreter
  • Dedicated table lamp
  • Double AC outlet to charge interpreter owned device
  • Double USB powering outlet to charge smartphones/tablets
  • High-speed fixed internet connection (RJ45 port) for the laptop
  • High-speed Wi-Fi available

Technical equipment

Each booth is equipped with professional interpretation equipment (ISO 20109:2016): ISO compliant interpreter console, 27” full-HD display (single monitor in single-desk booths and double monitor in double-desk booths), professional gooseneck microphone or professional headset microphone, professional headphone.

Every device is connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that guarantees at least a 45-minute runtime in case of a power outage and protects every device from power surges. The UPS can also handle UPS failures via an automatic internal power bypass.









Back-up strategy

Latest generation and redundant technologies according to careful backup strategies. UPS, multiple and bonded connectivities, dual hardware, A/V recording protocol.