The Italian remote Interpreting and BYOD platform

Simultaneous translation and audio streaming on smartphones, cloud and offline.


A flexible, modular platform

Converso® is one of the most flexible platforms around for simultaneous translation and audio streaming on smartphones. Audio is sent to the cloud or to on-site audiences with or without an internet connection, or in hybrid mode.

Converso App

Regardless of the connection available, whether Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, the Converso® Android and iOS app allows you to receive audio via Internet. The app can also be used with local Wi-Fi where the Internet connection is unsuitable. Listen with your browser, or even on your phone. The app is open to all, simple and intuitive to use. It can also be customised with the logo and colours of your event.


Tailor-made hardware and technical assistance

Converso® is also the only platform that comes with custom-built plug'n'play hardware. This makes for an immediate, user-friendly service (for those less proficient), which is also stable and secure (for professional users).

Last but not least, all Converso® services come with bespoke technical assistance. We make sure the terminals at the event meet the technical requirements for local and remote locations, speakers taking part via link-up and remote interpreters, to name a few.


Don’t worry, we won’t be leaving you alone with“just a PC and an Internet connection”!

How it works
RSI Milan

Converso® RSI Hub Milan

In March 2019, the first RSI Converso® hub opened for business in Milan. It has up to 8 interpreting booths, and an 8-seater videoconference room.

How it works

A complete, scalable platform


This is the cloud platform which manages the various functions of the system. These include users, sessions, authorisations and billing. A user interface is available for corporate clients and official bodies, allowing them to manage a number of routine functions themselves.


The app receives the voices of the interpreters in each language. It is intuitive and easy to use: just enter the token (the session code), and the list of available languages and/or rooms will appear. This can be customised with the client’s own logo and colours. Also available offline.

Interpreter interface

The Converso platform offers interpreters a variety of instruments according to where they are working. Tools include a virtual Web console, a software console for PCs and Macs, a mobile transmitter app and a hardware console

Come funziona

Converso® is the solution for all the latest simultaneous translation methods

Every combination of methods can be used, allowing you to manage complex events with a hybrid approach. In fact, we are first and foremost a system integrator and service provider that specialises in a tailor-made approach, as well as managing a software platform.

Converso® can also be used in situations beyond interpreting. These include:

  • Audio input in headsets, or silent meetings: a silent conference where the speakers’ voices are not heard in the room itself, but are instead transmitted to headsets. The perfect solution for running more than one conference concurrently in a single open space.
  • Multilingual cinema: the same film can be shown in more than one language at a single screening.
  • Audio-video synchronisation: the audio for a video can be played on headsets (including in a variety of languages) at art exhibitions or trade fairs.
  • Guided tours for groups: unlike ordinary radio tour-guide systems, the guide talks into the transmitter app (Tourcast®) and the group listens on the Converso® app.
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BYOD bring your own device

app and smartphone replace traditional receivers

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RSI remote simultaneous interpreting

all those involved in the event – interpreters, speakers and audiences – can be in different locations

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VRI video remote interpreting

integrates with videoconferencing systems

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OPI over-the-phone interpreting

telephone interpreting, a last resort when all or some of the participants only have access to a telephone line.

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BYOD bring your own device

◦ app and smartphone replace traditional receivers;

◦ interpreters can work in the booth as normal, with a console etc., or remotely;

◦ a local Wi-Fi network can be used for transmission, meaning it can even be used when there is no Internet connection; alternatively audio can be sent to the cloud via Internet using any kind of connection, be it Wi-Fi or mobile data;

◦ ideal for traditional events in a set location, it allows businesses to save on renting receivers and logistical costs for trade fair staff, distribution areas, queues and mislaid equipment.


RSI remote simultaneous interpreting

◦ all those involved in the event, such as interpreters, speakers and audiences, can be in different locations;

◦ interpreters operating remotely can all work together in a hub (preferred option) using booths and consoles. Alternatively, they can work separately using the virtual console on a PC.


VRI video remote interpreting

◦ designed primarily as an add-on for videoconferencing systems;

◦ in a conference call, board meeting or videoconference for a committee holding a meeting in several locations using the client’s videoconference platform: interpreters link up with the videoconference on mute and contemporarily transmit the simultaneous translation on the Converso® app, so only attendees who need the service actually use it.


OPI over-the-phone interpreting

◦ telephone interpreting, a last resort when all or some of the participants only have access to a telephone line;

◦ participants call a local telephone number, but interpreters work from the hub, or using the virtual console;

◦ the routing of audio signals (floor and languages) is managed by Converso® in conjunction with a VOIP telephone infrastructure.